Our pipe bending technology stands for guaranteed precision pipe lines

With our pipe bending technology, we are able to manufacture pipelines with maximum precision. The basis is formed by coordinate tables and step files. Depending on the demands being made, we are able to modify and optimize design specifications. The pipes are gauged for quality control. Three types of process are used for this: pipe lasers, gauge arms and laser scanners.

Areas of application for pipes manufactured by our pipe bending department are varied and range from plastic piping for the automobile industry to micropipe systems and tubular constructions. The materials and possibilities for surface treatment are equally highly varied:

  • Stainless steel, copper, brass or steel
  • Surface treatment such as electro-polishing, galvanizing, polishing and glass-bead blasting

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Pipelines for special engines in the IT-business

Our customer requires pipelines for special machines used for manufacturing wafers for computer chips. Maximum demands are made on the precision of the pipes. The pipes are manufactured using measurement protocols on the basis of the specified geometry. Each of the pipes is gauge-checked and must comply to 100 %.

As the pipes are being used in cleanrooms, they must meet maximum demands for cleanliness. Gloves are worn at all times during processing and each pipe is shrink-wrapped individually in foil upon completion of manufacturing. Upon delivery to the customer, they are cleaned once more before being installed in the machine.

Having received production approval by the customer at our plant, the pipes are now being manufactured by us in small series.