CNC milling means high production dynamics with maximum flexibility

Our innovative production technology of CNC milling enables us to achieve rapid realisation of projects with changing production requirements irrespective of batch sizes, number of pieces or materials.

For you, these production dynamics of CNC milling mean:

  • Use of a wide variety of possible board materials such as aluminium, brass, copper, plastic and foam materials
  • Largest possible production spectrum ranging from base plates and packing components all the way to high-precision components, as well as parts engraving

In this way, you profit from short project running times with maximum product safety ensured by the constant precision provided by the integrated measurement system with a resolution of 0.040 μm, as well as efficient project realization through short setup times and extremely short processing times with simultaneously reliable product results.

Find out more in our case study below. If you like to get an offer please use our contact form.


Ready-to-function device for full vacuum use

A customer in the vacuum technology sector enquired about ready-to-install subassemblies where a curved copper pipe had to be pressed into an aluminium body. As we were already manufacturing the pipes for this, we now also needed to manufacture the aluminium body by using CNC milling technology. A particular factor of this project was the high demand being made on the surface. It is partly anodized and specific areas are fitted with sealing surfaces for high vacuum. Following final inspection of the subassemblies they were sent to the customer together with the measurement protocol.

Detail-Kupferrohre-in-Platten-eingepresst_2 Milling and Turning