Prototype construction made more efficient with 3D printing

We are increasingly using 3D printing technology for the construction of prototypes. The advantage is in the short implementation phase making it possible to test models rapidly and in this way shorten project running times. The printing technology is also suitable for small series as the production costs are low according to time and cost-related criteria.

In view of the flexible possibilities for use, we have increased our capacities and can offer short delivery times. The printable area is currently 500 x 400 x 300 mm. From control gauges to smaller appliances, we undertake all types of projects.

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Cutting devices for plastic pipes – flexible and economical

Using 3D printing, we manufacture cutting devices for plastic pipes for an automobile manufacturer. This technology replaces the previous milled aluminium or plastic devices. A combination of 3D-printed parts and standardised punch units is used for this. Because of the high geometrical complexities, these parts are manufactured using 3D printing. As a consequence, this process offers considerable cost advantages in comparison to conventional techniques. Parts suffering mechanical stress through cutting are integrated using standard elements.

Convincing aspects for using 3D printing technology are its flexibility and cost advantages. Delivery times of less than 3 weeks are possible as well as cost savings of more than 30 % in comparison to conventional systems.

This technology is used in particular in the following cases:

  • Low mechanical stress
  • Complex component geometry
  • Precision of +/- 0.8 mm
  • Low piece numbers or individual production
  • Short delivery times


IMG_3926_klein 3D printing