The outcome of our mould making stands for minimum process costs

Our mould making department supplies bending and assembly tools for the production of pipelines to a large number of customers in the car manufacturing sector. We are able to offer two systems in this respect: furnace bending and steam bending. We develop and produce the dies as well as the furnace and steam units for both systems.

We have optimised the process of steam bending so that it is possible to fit plugs during the process and not subsequently as in the case of the furnace technology. In this way, the process of pipeline construction is made much more efficient and costs can be reduced.

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Steam bending with integrated assembly

A customer in the automobile construction sector was using furnace bending with subsequent assembly in its manufacturing process. The question we were faced with was how to design this process so that it would cost less. After a demonstration of steam bending with integrated assembly and explanation of savings potential, the customer decided on this technology.

Our mould making department carried out the construction of the bending dies and assembly tools and capacity specification of the steam units on the basis of the customer’s drawings and patterns. Both the dies as well as the steam units were manufactured by us in-house and approved by the customer. Following release, the dies and units were sent to the customer and installed and set up by us on site with final approval by the customer. The production process commenced following employee training.

2_5-Dampfanlage_780x600 Mould and die making